Making brands visible.

amaaze digital creative agency
based in Vienna.
We believe that in order to create a deep and lasting connection with your target group, you need an authentic exchange at eye level. We trigger real emotions and generate genuine interest.

This is how we manage to establish brands and make them part of the culture of their target group.
Learn how we can do that for you.
We are amaaze,
a digital creative agency that rethinks marketing.
Because in a digitally driven world, communication with your target group must also be new and modern to remain appealing and effective.
People’s expectations have evolved, and so has our approach to digital marketing.

Social Storytelling

A campaign with a defined period of time. Content production is always part of it. The conception of a coherent concept, told over several content pieces, is what makes it special; organic & paid distribution is part of the product
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Start Up

We accompany your brand’s entry into Social Media. This includes a workshop, followed by strategic consulting & a brand package with Social Media templates.
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Scale Up

We take your brand, which already has a Social Media presence, to the next level. We start with a joint workshop, followed by the development of strategic measures, content frameworks and consulting for optimized content creation workflows.
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Don’t want to part ways? Here is your classic retainer, this can include everything in the sense of always-on communication. From conception and strategic consulting to content creation and management.
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